The company Tree Nuts  was founded in the Czech Republic in 2010. Tree Nuts s.r.o is a co-founder of NutsGe, and is in a long-term contract with NutEx for exclusive sales of products.

The company Tree Nuts ensures the marketing, export, finance and logistics of the above-mentioned companies. With the founder's ten year experience, the company started to develop well from the start.  

At the present day, Tree Nuts s.r.o holds a big share of the European market. The company exports approximately 2000-3000 tons of products to Europe per year.

We create a comfortable environment for each of our clients. The location of our company helps develop a sustainable logistics system. We control goods from registration to delivery and make sure the customer receives products free of complicated formalities and bureaucracy, with a one year warranty. We have long-term contracts with our clients.

According to the long-term plan that has been created for the company’s development, new product assortments will be produced from the beginning of the year 2016.

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